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X-Doria Defense Lux Case for iPhone X

From until iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 Plus, what Apple users have been missing for a while was the inventiveness and revolution; this void finally went on up filling with the iconic iPhone X. Not to forget, iPhone X made it to the shelves along with the iPhone 8 and the big brother iPhone 8 Plus. The ‘X’ was good enough to leave behind other of the fellow Apple iteration at least by a mile.
Long story short, iPhone X has been spot on right from the go, whether it has been about the design, screen and battery performance, this revolutionary phone doesn’t even disappoint you a bit. The price-tag at the time of release made it one of the most costly phones among the counterparts, but it still had enough to attract the customers from all across the globe. Being the most beautiful and delicate iPhone till the date asked for extra protection for this phone; means a compact case for your beast as other than that it’s rest assured.

X-Doria Defense Lux Case for iPhone X Review

Is it your cup of tea?
If you are desperate to get rid of the typical polycarbonate cases, this case offers machined metal around the parameter and has a unique style that makes it look like some artillery or a gadget in the first place. The military grade protection doesn’t make this case something that would add extra few ounces on your phone. In short, this case offers ultimate protection with utilizing all the best possible material; it comes with the polycarbonate backing, the rubber layer enhances the grip over the phone and last but not the least metal around parameter works efficiently and prevents while your phone got dropped.
As the word ‘Defense’ suggests it is something meant to give you ultra-protection without lagging off even for a while; plus the soft microfiber lining prevents it from any sort of scratches and makes sure the protection to the core of your phone. The raised lip doesn’t only add more grip to your phone but also give shield from the drop scratches and scuffs.

There are like plenty of cases that offer metallic material but that’s not something pleasing the iPhone-customers very much as it adds on few extra ounces on your phone, and that’s something least likely when you own a slim and sleek iPhone. This case understands all this very much and only offers the machined metal frame in the parameter where it is needed the most, else it steps up soft rubber and a hard polycarbonate shell.
The glittering options in this series case just make you feel out of the world in the first place; else if you’re a guy who is more attracted towards the simple colours; this case comes with the black, red and grey colour option as well.

This high-end case is engineered in a way that it leaves a long-impression with its ability to withstand various untoward conditions, where many other cases are reluctant to work efficiently.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Black Carbon, Ballistic Nylon, Black Leather, Dark Glitter, Red, Pink Glitter

What it is made up of?
Machined Metal, soft rubber and polycarbonate shell

Value for Money (VFM)
$34.99 for this case is like the find of the year as it pampers you with compact protection and doesn’t ruin your style at all.