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Snakehive Vintage Wallet for iPhone XR

We all look for functionality, durability, and usability in items we purchase. This applies to our smartphones and their cases too.
Snakehive stands their ground in every department, ensuring the user the most premium experience ever. These phone cases are tailored to perfection with long aging leather. A case that will complement your phone in the most unique way.
These European handmade cases take the job of a wallet and phone case together and are practical and are excellent for day to day use.
What is so special about this case?
The leather is of the finest quality. It is made of full grain cowhide nubuck leather, giving a sheen of patina after some time. This natural aging of the leather adds character and class.

Card Slots
When you open the flap, three card slots can be seen and a larger slot for receipts and notes. Underneath them, Snakehive insignia is engraved onto the leather. The finished stitching of the whole cover seems decent and gives off a vintage vibe.

Snug Fit
On the opposite flap, is a coated plastic case to place your phone in. It fits the phone perfectly. Alignment of the cutout with the phone is also observed. You can easily attach your headphones and charging ports while the flap is open or closed. They don’t offer any hindrance in that matter. The practicality of the Snakehive phone case is unmatchable. The plastic case also prevents the phone from damage during impacts. The added flap on the phone ensures premium protection to your iPhone.

Smooth Material
The case insides are made from a smoother material, matching suede. This keeps the scratches at bay. The case has a magnetic clasp system towards the front of the case. The leather along with its magnetic flap gives a clean and crisp look to your iPhone XR.
The maturing of leather being a natural procedure, each case turns out to be unique in its color and style. Though it does not go astray from the picture provided on their main website altogether.

Flap Design
The flap design also offers first-class landscape view. By folding the flap, you can relish movies and videos, while having the phone propped up horizontally.
Smooth leather and compact design facilitate its portability. It can slide into your pockets without bulging out from them. It arranges your things into one place, reducing the complications of carrying a separate wallet in addition to your phone.

Aesthetic Details
It comes in a massive range of 11 colors. 3 being in contrast. It means that the leather outside will be of a different color than the inside. This chic contrast adds flair to your personality. Colors include chestnut brown, navy, black, plum, honey gold, bottle green, moss green, and burnt orange. The 3 in two tones include black/plum, black/navy and lastly, black/brown.
The vintage Snakehive insignia is stylishly embossed on the front, bottom right. This case is the epitome of class and sophistication combined.

Price Range
It is of $24.95 on the original site, with an extra $5 for customization.