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Pipetto XR Slim Wallet

If you own an iPhone you will never buy any other phone, that fact is guaranteed. But Apple does not sell any cases or covers. If that would be the case, people wouldn’t have looked further to complete their phone.
Pipetto XR Slim Wallet is for those individuals, who want their phones slim and stylish. It has a folio case that replaces your wallet and protects your phone from the hazardous environment.
100% Leather
This phone case is a folio case for people who prefer a minimalistic lifestyle. It is made from 100% leather and polycarbonate. This attractive case comes with a magnetic shut system. It doesn’t have the flaps that tend to get in the way of its smooth and even look. The phone can be charged whilst it in case, through wireless charging. It is also compatible with Apple Pay and payments that don’t require any contact.

Magnetic Grip
Due to the magnetic feature, it can be mounted on the car or wall mount with ease and without any holster. A metal adaptor is sold separately to hoist your phone through magnetic touch. The dense and rich leather and the case inside has a shock absorbing niche.

Card Slot
When we open the case, we observe a slot on the left flap. This slot can hold 1 to 2 cards. No more than one, otherwise the case will become bulky and become off track from its original feel. One would think that cards being side to side with your phone will put your phone at risk. This is not the case with Pipetto XR Slim Wallet. The microfiber lining is velvet against your iPhone XR screen.

Protection against Dust
The plastic case inside has raised bezel, for added protection against dust and debris having its effect on your iPhone XR. The backside also has raised bezel for the camera slot. Your camera will be safe from friction on the surface when the phone is kept face-up. The cutouts being in perfect alignment for accessible portals. Pipetto fits your phone perfectly, with no movement space so your phone does not jitter inside. Your phone being snug in the case saves it from bending or shattering on impacts.
An additional advantage to the Pipetto XR Slim Wallet is the cutout on the front flap which aligns with the speaker outlet and lets you attend calls while the case is on.

Colors to Pick From
There are 3 colors available for you to choose from. Jet black, Dusty pink and a two-tone black and rose gold cover. The two-tone has a unique feature for those individuals who need a mirror on them round the clock. The flap opposite to the phone has a mirror installed. This aids to retouch your make up and may endless possibilities for which you would require a mirror for. This case has a rose gold outline to a black bodice. The sleek and stylish design and colors of the Pipetto XR Slim Wallet would have you head over heels for it.

Cash on the Nail
It costs $34.95 on Pipetto’s official site.