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Nomad Rugged Tri Folio

iPhone XS is the newly launched phone by Apple, with these amazing and improved features. Apple never disappoints you with its products, it has always amazed its fans with the high-end products with high-quality functioning. Iphone XS is the second intervention in the iPhone X series, with a widescreen to enhance your video watching experience and a great camera to capture wonderful photos, fast charging, and the high speed. If you are an apple fan, you would definitely want to get your hands on the beauty. This buy is worth the money, apple never disappoints you with the product it launches.
If you are aspired to buy the new iPhone XS, you would never regret, Apple has never let its fans down with the kind of products it produces.
For a phone like iPhone XS, you will also need a case to protect it and for other functions.

Nomad Rugged Tri Folio Review
Here is a review for you to help to choose which case you should get for your phone, which can protect it at its best and has style along with great functionality.

This iPhone XS case is highly functional, which eliminates the need of the wallet. This Rugged Tri Folia case has eight credit card slots and a cash pocket with help you with keeping all your cash and credit cards in it, it is the perfect replacement of wallet and along with it is highly secure for your phone.

Protection from Damages
It will protect your phone from accidental drops at all angles it has a 6 feet drop protection and it will prevent your phone from any damage and also protect the screen from scratches that can be caused by dropping.

Wireless Charging Support
It is also compatible with wireless charging. It is made to increase the functionality the best way possible. It has the capacity you would need any time along with that it is a minimalist tool which can be used anytime. It is very practical and made with great sensibility with maximum storage and protection factor.

Leather Material
This high-quality case is crafted with vegetable tanned horween leather, which is highly durable, functional and reliable. The quality of leather which it I made from will make it last longer and make it look aesthetic. You would not notice wear and tear after a small period of use but over time it will develop a lovely patina, making it look even better and magnificent.

Durable Design
It is a high-end case made with high-quality leather material. It is supple yet durable design, combined with a thin sleek construction to make it look even better. Its functionality and stylish design are what makes it different yet elegant among the rest of the other covers. It is designed to make it look exclusively yours and suit your personality the best way possible.

Price Point
It is available in $80 dollars, which is quite reasonable for a case like this will all the functionality and style.