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Lucrin Classic Case for iPhone XR

The moment you land your hands on a new phone, the first instinct is to shield it from any harm. Especially, if you own the iPhone XR, protecting it should always be number one on your list. As these phones cost a small fortune. Nobody wishes to pay the hefty repair prices.
Encasing your phone does take away the original feel of the modern iPhone XR. It would be a shame to buy such an expensive and beautiful phone and not being able to flaunt it.
Lucrin presents us with leather cases that slide the phone in with ease. They prevent the phone from being bent or scratched.
Not only should your phone be guarded against the atrocious environment, but it should also deserve to look like the cover of an iPhone XR. The diverse array of cases. The vast color range will certainly grab your attention.

Original Look
Tired of a complex phone case? When you aspire an original look but want no part of complex mechanics in your case, Lucrin Classic Case for iPhone XR will satisfy your needs. You no longer must get through flaps or click buttons to reach your phone. The sleeve lets you slide the phone easily out and flick it back in when you require.
It is stitched from both sides neatly with no loose strands hanging out. The stitch is refined and taut, in a straight line.

Slim Fit
It’s the ultimate slim fit. It’s snug around your phone, fitting it completely. The tight fit of the case ensures that the phone does not slip out. It is a very minimalistic case. You can customize the case to your preference. Add holsters to grab your phone or attach it to your belt. Pockets can also be installed, so you have your cards or money with you constantly. Lucrin gives you the ability to ease your lifestyle, by reducing your baggage. It is an exact fit to your iPhone XR, giving you a premium experience.

Authentic Leather
The leather is authentic and does not wear off with time. Its dense consistency acts as a shock absorber. The lining is a soft microfiber that prevents the dust and debris from harming your phone.
Along with aesthetics and protection, the sleeve allows wireless charging whilst the phone is in the Lucrin Classic Sleeve.

Looks Count When You Own An iPhone
Lucrin Classic Cover provides you with 2 leather qualities. Those being, granulated and smooth leather. A huge array of colors is available. Granulated leather has 14 different colors. These are, tan, navy and royal blue, black, red, orange, dark brown burgundy, mouse grey, light taupe, fuchsia, purple, white and off-white.
The smooth having a whopping 21 colors. Some of which include sun yellow, pink, turquoise, light green and much more. Head to their official site to check out the colors, with the covers displayed from every angle.
With such versatility, you can mix and match as you desire.

It costs $37.00 on the original site. Which is not bad considering the material and options.